Do you want to understand the policy changes that will affect the future of your farm business?
Herefordshire Rural Hub is working with The Prince’s Countryside Fund to deliver Farm for the Future in this area.
Farm for the Future, a free series of business, environment, and one to one support, is open for farmers to sign up in Herefordshire. Farm for the Future will help farmers navigate the policy changes that will affect the future of their farm businesses and become more resilient. It will provide business support so farmers can make informed decisions about the future of their farm business and discover opportunities with the ELM schemes that may financially and practically benefit their farm.

Every farmer who participates will become a member of The Prince’s Countryside Fund’s Farm Resilience Network which provides a bank of
resources and ongoing support. Any tenant or owner-occupied farm currently in receipt of BPS in England is eligible to join – even if you have already participated in a programme run by The Prince’s Countryside Fund. Farm for the Future is funded by
Defra’s Future Farming Resilience Fund.

For more information and to express interest in taking part please contact: Martha Rudge 07454733846

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