There has been an increase in the number of Quad Bikes and All Terrain Vehicles being stolen in the County.

Quad Bikes and ATVs are among the items most likely to be stolen in rural areas.

Owners are advised to take the following crime prevention measures to combat these thefts.

1. Secure any Quad bike inside a locked building (as near to the main dwelling as possible).
2. Remove keys.
3. Anchor the Quad down with a Heavy Duty chain and padlock.
4. Alarm the building if possible.
5. Take a photograph of the machine and keep safe any serial numbers if not road registered.
6. Fit a tracking device – we have recovered two quad bikes recently as a result of them being fitted with a tracker device.
7. Park larger vehicles in front of access doors to prevent easy access.
8. Mark or customise your property so it is easily identifiable. This can deter thieves and assist recovery if they are stolen

If you suspect offenders are on your premises and crime in progress, call the Police on 999

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