This policy came into effect on 1st November 2017.

A resolved IR is an animal that had an inconclusive test result, but then subsequently has a clear re-test.

  • Following the clear re-test of an IR on a holding, in the High Risk Area (HRA), Edge Area, and TB breakdown herds in the Low Risk Area (LRA) of England, the resolved IR is restricted for life to the holding on which it was found.
  • These restrictions may be lifted following a subsequent negative interferon-gamma blood test of the individual animal, either carried out by a Private Veterinary Surgeon (with permission from APHA), or during a mandatory interferon-gamma test carried out by the APHA.
  • Resolved IR’s can only be moved off the holding under licence from APHA, either directly to slaughter or to an approved finishing unit. If a resolved IR tests positive to the gamma test, it is considered a reactor and normal TB breakdown procedures apply.
  • It is recommended that these animals are physically identified, such as freeze branding, management tag or marking the passport, to prevent them from accidentally moving off the holding.

For more information please use the links below or contact APHA on  03000 200 301

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