Three neighbouring Wildlife Trusts (Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire) launch a ground-breaking project to connect two of England’s largest native woodlands. The Severn Treescapes project will create a 60-mile corridor of trees, hedgerows and native woodland stretching from the Lower Wye Valley and Forest of Dean in the south to the Wyre Forest in the north, connecting both people and nature.

While this landscape already includes two of the country’s larger forests – the wider landscape has seen a continued reduction in tree coverage, now exacerbated by ash dieback disease and extreme weather events.

Farmland accounts for about 75% of the land use in this area and so the project aims to support farmers to explore innovative ways of increasing tree cover while maintaining productivity, as well as encouraging whole communities to understand the value of trees.

Severn Treescapes provides a team of on-the-ground advisors to support land managers, farmers and communities to access funding to plant and/or grow and manage trees and woodlands across this landscape. The results will be better connected woodlands, through increase tree cover and bigger, bushier hedgerows creating more places for wildlife to thrive, a more climate resilient farmed landscapes providing shade for livestock and crops and better water infiltration, and more opportunities for people to connect with trees and the natural world.

To find out more about the Severn Treescapes project you are invited to an online event on Tuesday 28 February 2023 hosted by CLA and NFU (HERE) or visit your local Trust’s website.

County contacts:

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

Charlotte Bell

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Ann Harris

Charlotte Vincent

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Laurence Richards

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