62% of courier fraud victims were aged 75 – 89, so please pass this message on to anyone who might be vulnerable.

Recently, there has been an increase in courier fraud offences, in particular in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. These despicable crimes mostly impact upon vulnerable people within our communities, who are often convinced to hand over large amounts of money or expensive items such as designer watches.

What tends to happen is that the victim is cold called by the criminal who falsely claims to be a Police Officer, saying that there has been fraudulent use of their bank card/account.

They are advised that they need to withdraw large sums of money from their bank to protect it, and then return home. They are told that a “Police Officer” will come round and collect the money to keep it safe.

Often they are advised to ring 999 to report to the local police. The line is kept open and a different offender will persuade them to withdraw their money ready for collection.

  • If you are suspicious or feel uncomfortable with the caller’s questions, end the call.
  • If in doubt hang up, wait 10 minutes, then report the call to Action Fraud on 0300 1232040.
  • Report it to the police 101 if the crime is still happening and the suspect is in the local area, or if you are vulnerable and/or unable to contact Action Fraud.
  • Do not part with any of your personal information, bank cards, money or valuables.

• Phone and ask you for your full PIN or full banking password
• Ask you to transfer money out of your account
• Ask you to hand over any money or purchase vouchers
• Send someone to collect cash, PIN’s, cards or cheque books

For Crime Prevention advice contact:
Paul Crumpton, Rural & Business Crime Officer (Crime Prevention) HEREFORDSHIRE, West Mercia Police
Email: Paul.crumpton@westmercia.pnn.police.uk    Tel: 07773 044781

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