Regulation & Compliance

We work in partnership with the Environment Agency to increase understanding of the regulatory requirements on farm. During recent farm inspections they have found a significant number of non-compliances with the requirements of Farming Rules for Water. 

Farming Rules for Water were introduced in 2018 and set minimum requirements for managing soil, nutrients and water on farm:

Rule 1:

Nutrient Management Planning

Rule 2:

Safe Manure Storage

Rule 3:

Conditions for Manure Applications

Rule 4:

Location of Manure Applications

Rule 5:

Location of Fertiliser Applications

Rule 6:

Soil Erosion and Runoff

Rule 7:

Protect watercourses from livestock

Rule 8:

Location of feeders near watercourses

We have produced a simple farmer guide and cab sticker to make the requirements of Farming Rules for Water easier to understand and comply with, look out for a hard copy of the guide at local events or download your own now!

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