Herefordshire Farming Support Volunteer Form

Herefordshire Farming Support – Volunteer Form

Farming organisations and charities within Herefordshire are compiling a list of potential volunteers able to provide practical support for fellow farmers who are unable to look after their livestock because they, or their staff, are self-isolating. Please note that we are only accepting volunteers aged between 18 and 65.
The Directory is being held by Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy (BRC) on behalf of the participating organisations.
If you would like to be included as a volunteer complete the attached form and send it to Nick Read at BRC, using the email address:
Nick can also be contacted on 07973 361055 if you want to discuss any issues.
The information you supply will not be released to anyone else, it is solely for the purposes of providing the best match between a farmer who needs help and a potential volunteer.
This is intended to be a temporary arrangement (during self-isolating), and therefore it is not anticipated that volunteers will be used for periods longer than two weeks.

How it will work
If you send the volunteer form you will get confirmation that it has been received by BRC, together with some general health and safety and biosecurity information.
You will only be contacted again if a farmer has requested support and you have the right skills and are reasonably located geographically to provide help.
It is for you and the host farmer to discuss the detailed arrangements.
Let BRC know the outcome of the discussions so that we can ensure that farmers are being supported.
It has to be your responsibility to ensure that you work safely and legally, so please do not take on any task for which you do not have relevant experience or the necessary certifications.

If your circumstances change, please notify BRC so that we can remove you from the volunteer directory.

Please supply the following information:

Name and address


Contact telephone number


e-mail address (please write clearly)


Confirmation that you are between the ages of 18 and 65                YES                 NO

Relevant experience:

Livestock you have worked with (tick those which apply):

BEEF CATTLE                           DAIRY CATTLE

SHEEP                                         PIGS

Certifications (tick those which apply)

MANUAL HANDLING                               FORKLIFT                                      TELEHANDLER

MAST                                                             TRACKED MACHINE                   ATV

Send this form to Nick Read at Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy,
email address:


Posted on

8th April 2020

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