Nuffield Farming Scholarships offer life changing Scholarships that unlock an individual’s potential and broaden horizons through study and travel overseas, with a view to developing farming and agricultural industries. 2020 has brought the year of the 1000th Nuffield Scholar.

“Nuffield Farming Scholarships are an amazing opportunity that can benefit careers, industry and business, as well as advancing personal development. They are recognised worldwide, and in many countries there is a network of scholars who will be pleased to assist you.”

Over the years we have had some fantastic Scholars from Herefordshire who have brought back many brilliant ideas which have been shared both within Herefordshire and nationally.

The applications are now open and will close on the 31st July 2020. There is no need for formal qualifications in order to apply for a Nuffield Scholarship; instead, the Trust looks to unlock an individual’s potential and broaden horizons. Scholars are selected with a view to developing tomorrow’s leaders within their individual business and the industry as a whole.

Nuffield Farming member countries span the globe, with established programs in Australia, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Associate countries also include Brazil, USA, South Africa, and the Southern Caucausus (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan)

To apply you need to be between 22 and 45 years of age.

To find out more information please visit the website or contact our Alumni Officer Charlotte Merson – email:

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