Sometimes displacing mud onto the highway is unavoidable despite our best efforts and therefore signage is required to warn other road users.  As a result of NFU efforts, a road safety message poster was designed and approved by Herefordshire Council.

Farmers using these signs will still need to demonstrate that they are doing all they can to avoid displacing mud onto the road, you will still need to clean the roads as soon as possible and you will need to remove the signs from the highway as soon as appropriate.

As arranged a couple of years ago, EPS Limited has agreed to print the signs on our behalf and been provided with the official specification.
They have agreed to hold the price at £28 + VAT per sign.
Email to order your signs and you will need to pay by card over the phone prior to printing taking place.

Post & package can be arranged at an additional cost, or collection from the Hereford NFU office can be organised.

EPS Limited is located in Craven Arms in Shropshire but Clare Greener (NFU County Advisor, Herefordshire) is happy to bring purchased signs to the Hereford NFU office for your collection.  Please let Clare know of your purchase order details if you would like her to bring the signs to Hereford for you.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Clare.
Tel: 01432 807464
Mobile: 07771 626080

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