We hope you will find something here of interest to you, or something that you need more help or advice on:-

Free advice and support for farming and rural businesses at the

Herefordshire Rural Business Advice Day

next Wednesday, 22nd November, 12noon to 7.00pm

at the Three Counties Hotel, Belmont Road, Hereford HR2 7BP.

This event is FREE, so come along, and bring anyone else who you think might be interested.

NRoSO & BASIS points available


Do you need advice on Business Management, Succession Planning?

Do you farm within a river catchment area? – come along and find out if you could be eligible for some free advice or grant funding.

Are you thinking of Diversifying or Starting up a new business?

Where can you get funding from??  Grants, the Bank, Peer-to-Peer lenders?  Or maybe you are in a position to invest and lend your money to someone else?

Find out the latest information on the Basic Payment Scheme.  

All this and more from the West Mercia Police stand – Stop that Thief – A locally delivered crime reduction initiative for the farming community.  We don’t Buy Crime – A force wide crime reduction initiative for residential communities.  Be Cyber Smart – Are you aware of the online threats to your personal information and your money??….Ask about some simple steps to stay safe online. Safer Roads Partnership  – Talk to Ian Connolly about any road related matters Property Protection – Security marked and/or protected property is less likely to be stolen…..ask about some simple methods. DISC – ask about the new app for reducing crime in local business communities.

Do you need Fire safety advice?

Are you thinking of investing in Renewable Energy? – find out what options are available for your home, business and local community.

Are you looking for a Computer program (Financial, Cattle, Sheep or Cropping)  for your farm business? 

Do you have Financial or Accounting questions?  Legal questions?  Taxation questions?

Do you need Estate management advice or help with submitting a Planning Application?

Do you, or does someone you know, need support from a Farming Charity?

Are you involved in Herefordshire Tourism?  Find out about what support is available to small businesses, and get tips on how to promote yours.

Find out more about maintaining natural wildlife habitats on your farm, and other options for the Stewardship Schemes, Greening and Ecological Focus areas.

Speak to the Farm Herefordshire team about how you can preserve, and make the most of, one of farming’s greatest assets – its soil !

Find out what certificated legislative and other short courses are available in the county, e.g. Chainsaw courses, First Aid at Work, Sprayer courses, Telescopic handler courses, Rodent Control courses

Advice on Recruitment, Training, Apprenticeships

Ladies – are you running a rural business?  Find out what the Herefordshire Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) groups can offer you.

Free Computer & Internet Training

Do you own some woodland? – find out what your options are for managing or restoring that woodland, and what grants are available to you.

Drop-in clinicsfirst-come, first-served – no need to book

Bring along your own NVZ records for checking.
If you are new to NVZs or unsure of what to bring along, then contact Frances to find out more – email: admin@herefordshireruralhub.co.uk

Earn your NRoSO points by checking if your Pesticide Handling Area, and Field Practice is up to standard.
Go through a simple survey with an advisor and get follow-up advice and recommendations (if necessary) on the day.

Do you have some niggling/annoying Computing questions/problems?
Frances Davison (Business Angel) is having a Drop-in Advice clinic for your queries.

FREE One-to-One Advice Sessions on the following topics:-

You can email Frances at: bookings@herefordshireruralhub.co.uk
to book your slot in advance for these free 1-to-1 advice sessions.
It’s first come first served on the day. 

Preserve your wealth for future generations  (with Thorne Widgery)Find out how to keep assets in the family protected against key threats such as:- Inheritance Tax; Children’s Divorce;  Bankruptcy;  Wealth being lost following death and remarriage. Also find out more about Lasting Powers of Attorney and why everyone should consider them.

Why use Cloud Accounting software?  (with Thorne Widgery)
Find out how your business could benefit from using a Cloud (Online) Accounting package and be ready for Making Tax Digital – it’s coming!!  Have a look at the Xero Accounting package and discuss how it would be of benefit to your finance management. 

How you need to prepare for the new data protection rules (GDPR) (with Harrison Clark Rickerbys) – from 2.30pm Answering your questions on the new data protection rules.

Presentations No need to book

12.45pm  “Brexit: where we are, what it means, and what we can do.”
Some implications of Brexit, what they may mean for farming & what NFU is doing for the best outcome.

1.45pm   “What will the new Data Protection rules mean for you?”
Overview of changes coming next May & a 12-step action plan to get your business compliant.

2.45pm   “Talking Grazing”  
Planned rotational grazing and mob grazing systems for livestock.  Practicalities and economics of out-wintering livestock without hay, on even the most challenging soil types. 

3.45pm   “Managing your Woodland – Opportunity or Liability?”
Some practical tips and advice for farmers and woodland owners.

4.45pm   “Aiming for a Fiesta or a Ferrari?”
Exciting seminar on how to approach diversification planning, with a clear, easy 4-step plan.   

5.45pm “Changes to Red Tractor Assurance Schemes for Crops, Beef & Lamb”
The changes;  Why have they been bought in;  What YOU need to do.   

 Click here for more details and full list of all the organisations attending


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