Avara are working with their suppliers to change the way poultry litter is managed in Herefordshire.

They explain “The continued deterioration of the Wye has been well reported and, while the root causes are many and complex, the role of phosphate, from poultry litter in particular, has been the focal point of many campaigns. As the largest poultry business in the region, the onus is on us to manage our supply chain, set an example for others and to use what influence we have to support change elsewhere in the catchment.”

Poultry litter from the Avara supply chain will now follow one of three routes:

  1. The 25-30 farms in their supply chain that also have arable land and wish to use their litter as fertiliser, will adopt a new Red Tractor assurance standard built around soil and nutrient management. These standards are currently still in development but will provide an enhanced level of rigour and evidence of compliance.
  2. Any litter currently sold off farm as fertiliser within catchment will now be sold to Gamber Logistics who will find alternative destinations out of the catchment. Gamber will provide full traceability over the sale of the litter. Avara will vary the contracts with their growers to secure this process.
  3. Poultry litter is used as feedstock for anaerobic digestion where phosphate stripping technology is in place, or in burners, as long as the end P product is still exported from the catchment.

We are supporting Avara and Gamber Logistics in the development of systems and protocols that enable us to refine the approach for Herefordshire and ensure we can utilise the nutrient we need and export the nutrient we don’t. If you have any questions about this article please contact director@herefordshireruralhub.co.uk .

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