Herefordshire Rural Hub is seeking proposals from experienced consultants to develop two key planning documents, a site access plan and a stakeholder engagement plan for Wyescapes Landscape Recovery Project.

Wyescapes – Landscape Recovery Project brings together 36 land holdings covering over 4000 hectares along the River Wye corridor. The farmers and land managers are working to identify actions and changes they can make to restore the rivers’ health such as reducing nutrient use, reverting high risk fields from arable cropping to grassland, creating new wetlands, floodplain meadows and woodlands. 

The project’s long-term aim is to restore the Wye catchment to a healthy condition, so its rivers and their tributaries can support the unique wildlife that depends on them, provide clean and plentiful water, be resilient to climate change, mitigate flood risk, provide places for people to enjoy – all while supporting sustainable food production. 

Wyescapes is funded by DEFRA’s Landscape Recovery Scheme and has now begun a 2-year development phase. During this phase key planning documents shall be produced to outline how Wyescapes could be implemented over a 20-year implementation period from April 2026. We are seeking proposals from experienced consultants to work on two key project deliverables:

  1. The site access plan:

Site Access Plan – Invitation to Tender

Site Access Plan – Statement of Work

  1. The stakeholder engagement plan:

Stake Holder Engagement Plan – Invitation to Tender

Stake Holder Engagement Plan – Statement of Work

An invitation to tender and statement of work has been prepared for each deliverable outlining the tender process and proposal requirements. You may tender for one or both of these deliverables, however, if you tender for both, we will require two separate proposals.

The deadline for proposal submission is Monday 1st July 2024. All submissions shall be made via email to







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