Herefordshire farmers are invited to take part in Herefordshire Council’s Seasonal Workers on Farms Survey 2021.  The survey asks for your best estimates about the number of seasonal workers from overseas that you expect to employ during the course of this year, and also about your experiences last year.

The Council know that Herefordshire welcomes thousands of workers from overseas each year, and that farms and growers have a really good understanding about the needs of their own workforce.  However, there is no source of this data for the county as a whole: for example, to know how reliant our economy as a whole is on seasonal workers; how many workers may be in the county at any one time – and when the peak months are; or which languages are most commonly spoken.

This gap in their collective understanding was highlighted last year, when the local COVID-19 response needed to support employers to implement appropriate measures to keep workers safe and prevent the spread of the virus.  The Council hope that by reinstating our annual survey, which you may have contributed to in the past, they can be more proactive in that support this year and in the future.

You can submit your completed survey in a number of ways:

You can complete this survey online by entering the following into your browser

Click on this link below to download and print out the survey for you to complete.
Seasonal migrant workers on Herefordshire farms survey 2021 – FINAL 1.1

  • You can scan your completed questionnaire and email it to
  • Or you can return your completed questionnaire by post to the Herefordshire Council Research Team, Plough Lane, Hereford, HR4 0LE.

Please send your responses by Wednesday 17th March  as soon as possible – deadline extended by at least 2 weeks.  

Even if you don’t employ seasonal workers from overseas, if you submit a nil return the Council can update their records – and it will stop them sending you a reminder.  They appreciate how busy you are, so if you have any questions or there is any way they can help, please get in touch at or on 01432 261944.

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