Herefordshire Agri Group

A farmer group supported by DEFRA’s Facilitation Fund

The group is open to any farmer that wishes to work collaboratively to reduce agricultures impact on water quality of the River Wye by:


Increasing knowledge of nutrient management approaches, soil husbandry techniques, livestock management and mitigation methods that will reduce diffuse pollution.

Undertaking on farm monitoring of water, soil and crops to improve understanding of Phosphate load, offtake and loss.

Sharing and disseminating their activity with peers in the group and with non group members.

The group meets at least six times a year as a collective to share, support and inspire management changes and innovation.

The group currently has 30 members who are:


Completing a whole farm Phosphate balance using PLANETs FarmGate tool.

Testing the water in their rivers, streams and land drains.

Testing their soils for Total P levels.

Promoting the group to neighbours and peers to increase our reach within the county. 

If you’d like to join the group please contact 

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