Herefordshire Council’s  Stop the Drop litter campaign is going from strength to strength with almost 300 Herefordshire businesses signed up to the Litter Pledge.  This figure includes large farms such as Haygrove Ltd, Westons Cider, Oakchurch, Court Farm and Leisure and S & A Produce.

Haygrove Ltd were one of the first businesses to sign up to the Litter Pledge. They are committed to keeping their land clear of litter and Chris Millson, Sustainability Manager had this to say about their support for the campaign:-

“Haygrove is proud to have signed up to the Stop the Drop initiative. It resonates with our view that much needs to be done to solve a litter problem that has rapidly reached crisis levels, but also with our view that much can be done!

The campaign aligns well with our existing programmes. Haygrove has set an ambitious target of sending zero waste to landfill by 2023. Working towards this goal, we have managed to increase the proportion of waste that has been recycled every year, since 2014. Last year not only did our recycling rate reach 69%, but we also saw a reduction in the total amount of waste produced – a good demonstration of our belief  that waste management starts with reduce, reuse, then recycle. But we still have a long way to go.

Our fight against waste has been positive for the environment, good for the morale of our team, and good for business. Recycling pays in many ways, but you can’t recycle unless you first Stop the Drop!”

Jane Denny, Herefordshire Council said “It’s great to see so many businesses signing up and supporting the Stop the Drop campaign. It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep Herefordshire clear of litter including farmers in their role as guardians of the countryside. We’d like to encourage more farmers to sign up to the litter pledge to demonstrate their commitment to keeping the Herefordshire countryside litter free.”

The pledge can be signed online  at . We’ll send you a certificate for displaying in your premises which as well as being featured on the Herefordshire Council website will collectively spread the message that litter is not acceptable. Please encourage others to do the same.

Farmers have to deal with a wide variety of waste products and this government website provides guidance on how to manage it.

Plastics form a large portion of farm waste and can be recycled via Farm Plastics Recycling

More information about the Stop the Drop campaign can be found here

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