Make your farm future fit  – FREE Water and Soil Plans

Our advisors will:

  • Visit and assess your farm
  • Identify your goals and visions
  • Develop a plan with you

We can offer: 

  • FREE Soil Testing – to assess your soil structure and test for organic matter, pH, P, K. and Mg.
  • Nutrient Management – we can check your farm for erosion risk.
  • Water Management – we will look at the sources, pathways and receptors of water on your farm

Why you should sign up?

  • Keep your farm compliant
  • Get your farm future fit
  • Find out about funding opportunities

To arrange a visit or check if you are in the catchment area, please contact your area advisor

  • Teme Catchment
    Katherine Whistance, 01886 888394 / 07968 391041
  • Onny Catchment
    Ame Holroyd, 01938 559500 or 07812 113918 email
  • Clun Catchment
    Fiona Gomersall 07539 752897 email

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