Optimal Shelterbelts (OSBs) play an important role in maintaining the functionality of farm   ecosystems and deliver a multitude of benefits, most importantly regulating the water cycle, preventing soil erosion and improving wildlife habitats. A small amount of attention and     windbreak design-led tree planting in an appropriate location on your farm can make an exponential difference, converting old derelict hedges into effective shelterbelts.

Wind speed equals wind chill and the faster the wind, the colder and more abrasive it becomes.  The design and leaf architecture of OSBs can deliver great benefits to farm productivity by      creating extended microclimates and improving animal welfare.

Following the success of the FiPL funded Optimal Shelterbelt trial in the Cotswolds, led by FWAGSW and John Davis (Tree Shop), the Wye Valley AONB Partnership are looking for expressions of interest from farmers and landowners in the Wye Valley AONB area, for extending and improving  hedgerows or planting new shelterbelts.

To book a free advisory site visit with John Davis , please contact Anna Stankiewicz , Wye Valley AONB  Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) Officer

Email: farming@wyevalleyaonb.org.uk   mob: 07496 487645.

Spaces are limited, please book early.

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