After COVID-19  –  What should change and what can we learn from lockdown?
How could food, farming and the countryside be ‘built back better’ in practice?

The FFCC want to know the views of people with professional experience and knowledge of these issues.  They are asking farmers, land managers and advisors, people working in food or rural businesses, community groups and NGOs, people working in central and local government, and academics.

Please follow the link here to complete the survey:
This survey should take 15-25 minutes. Please complete the survey by Tuesday 19th May.

In particular FFCC want to know what has surprised you. The pandemic will have exposed problems or opportunities that you knew about already. But where has it challenged your previous views?

FFCC will publish the findings from this professional survey quickly, so they can inform policy as the UK comes out of lockdown. We plan to test public appetite for key ideas that come out with a further national poll. Responses will also shape the next phase of their own work as a newly independent organisation focused on putting the Commission’s recommendations into practice.

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