This year the National Network of Young Farmers Clubs launched the Rural + Campaign to highlight the impact of isolation on mental wellbeing.  Mental health has become a significant area of concern amongst young adults & within services that seek to support them.

At Marches Counselling Service we are aware of how distressing life can be. There are many pressures and even the strongest among us can feel overwhelmed at times. Because it can be difficult to ask for help, we often carry on past a point where we are looking after ourselves properly, even to the point at which we begin to question whether our life is worthwhile.

Social isolation can make this more likely, as does having either too much or too little time for ourselves.

It is understandable that young people find reaching out difficult. At a time when we are wanting to make our own way in the world it can seem like it is a step backwards; but having help to understand why we feel the way we do, and developing the skills to handle the difficulties which life can throw at us, has always been part of making our way.

MCS was set up to be a grassroots counselling charity, responding to the needs of the local community whist aware of national trends and concerns. We have become an established service, but know we do not always reach the people who face some of the most difficult challenges. This has led to us setting up a focus group tasked with reaching young people. We are looking for opportunities to talk with them about their emotional experience and the kind of support they would find most useful. Too often what is offered is dictated by the assumptions and expectations of others. We want to create an advisory group to help us ensure that the voice of young people is at the centre of what we provide for them and how we provide it.

As a young person from the farming community, a sector where stresses have accumulated over recent years, we would like to hear from you, particularly if you or people close to you have been affected in some way by these issues. It could be that you would be willing to talk to us about what this topic raises for you. Or you might want to put yourself forward to join the advisory group & help us shape what we offer. Or you might have other ideas about how we can gather views from the community.

If you are interested in being involved please contact Jnanamati or Jennifer at MCS

Email:, Phone: 01432 279906 

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