DJM Consulting are here to help!

Farmbench is a benchmarking tool by AHDB to help interpret enterprise data* featuring:

  • A free, easy to use and online tool that will
    • Help identify business strengths and weaknesses
    • Anonymously compare with other similar farm businesses
  • Group reports and feedback/discussion groups hosted by DJM Consulting

How will it help your business:

  • Make evidence-based informed decisions to:
    • Improve business performance and profitability
    • Inform succession planning
    • Protect your business against market volatility
  • Create a plan to future proof your business

The free service covering Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire has a limited budget for the 2017/18 harvest year– so register now to secure your place!

*To be eligible you must grow at least 1 ha of a combinable crop and must not have submitted data for the 2016/17 harvest year.

 For further information, please contact Helen at DJM Consulting

Tel: 01746 785121  Email:


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