Dairy hygiene company Deosan is offering UK farmers a national collection service for waste plastic.  Together with waste service provider Avanti Environmental Group it is offering all farmers a one-stop collection service at any farm location for all plastic waste.

  • This includes common items such as silage sheet, mineral tubs, hygiene product drums and even used treatment tubes.
  • Farmers will be charged a monthly fee for the service.
  • Pick-up from the farm can be arranged at a frequency to suit the volume of waste and storage available.
  • A detailed carbon-savings report will also be provided, illustrating how milk production supports the environment.

You can find out more and contact Avanti at http://www.avantienvironmental.co.uk/

Can you reduce the amount of plastic coming on to your farm?

Are you able to re-use that plastic?

If you are recycling the plastic, it is a great help if you sort it at the farm. This makes the collection service much more viable and could help minimise the collection cost. e.g. sort by bulk bags, drums, small poly bags – and keep them separate to add value.

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