The Farm Herefordshire initiative has been running for a number of years with the aim of promoting good practice, training and advice to farmers. The key aim is to help farmers reduce diffuse pollution in the River Wye catchment. This is because Herefordshire faces a number of challenges in meeting the phosphate targets of the River Wye’s special area of conservation. All industries, including agriculture, are expected to reduce their contributions proportionally and Farm Herefordshire was established to support farmers in doing this. It is supported by a group of organisations including the NFU that have formed a collaborative partnership to support farming in Herefordshire.
In order to gather further information on land practices in Herefordshire an evaluation of the initiative is being carried out by the Brightspace Foundation. The purpose of the Farm Herefordshire evaluation is to identify levels of knowledge about soil and water quality in Herefordshire and learn about any positive land-use activities that have been carried out locally. They are especially interested in gaining the views of farmers and land use managers. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and your responses and time taken are greatly appreciated. Here is the link to the survey:

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