Farm Business Advice

The financial support available to farm businesses is changing, make sure you and your business are ready.


As we move into the Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMs), the Basic Payment scheme (BPS) is being phased out with funding directed towards improving farm productivity, the environment and animal health and welfare.

The reduction in Basic Payment Scheme payments are as follows:


Make sure your business is prepared.  


To help you prepare and adapt, free business advice is available for all farmers through DEFRA’s “Future Farming Resilience Fund”.



Herefordshire Rural Hub are enabling access to this programme locally by working in partnership with The Royal Countryside Fund and Ricardo.

One-to-one advice tailored to your business e.g. environmental schemes, carbon footprinting, tenancies, diversification, succession, business planning.

Workshops and on farm events e.g. soil health, farm finances, Sustainable Farming Incentive.

 Learn from experiences of other local farmers and network with peers.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • In order to qualify for 1-1 support, you must receive BPS.
  • In order to register you will be asked to provide your SBI number.  
  • You can only register to receive support from one provider.
  • Participants who have already taken part in FFRF (Initial and/or Interim Phases with any provider) or have applied for the Exit Scheme can still benefit from this support.

We are collaborating with partners, other local initiatives and industry professionals to maximise the impact of the support available through FFRF to ensure it has the greatest impact possible.

Contact one of our Go To Businesses for technical advice and expertise:

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