Free Specialist CSF Visits

CSF offer a number of free specialist visits to farmers within the Wye catchment.

The following visits can offer support on tackling phosphate and sediment loss:

  • Soil and Nutrient Management Planning.
  • Assessment of Soil Health.
  • Farm Machinery Management to improve soil condition and reduce Pollution.

In addition, the following visits can help farmers to save nitrogen and reduce Pollution

  • Conserving Nitrogen Through reducing Ammonia Emissions
  • Woodlands for Water and Air

We will be launching some new specialist visits in the future including one on Phosphate Management Planning.

If you are interested in one of these or would like further information,
please contact your local CSFO

River Wye    Email
Please mention “River Wye” in the subject heading

River Teme   Email
Please mention “River Teme” in the subject heading

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