Are you are farmer, forester or land manager in England?

Would you like to help deliver wildflower-rich habitat for pollinators across the countryside?

Buglife’s “Landscapes for wild pollinators” survey asks farmers for their opinions on the best way to deliver habitat for wildlife in the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) that Defra are developing.

The B-Lines network ( mapped by Buglife (with the support of many partners) targets the creation of wildflower-rich habitat and other pollinator friendly habitat along corridors between existing habitat. Farmers, foresters and land managers can help us to deliver species-rich habitat for pollinators and other wildlife along the B-Lines network and across the countryside.

If you are a farmer, forester or land manager in England, Buglife wants to hear from you.

Please complete Buglife’s Landscapes for wild pollinators survey by clicking on this link:

The survey ends on Friday 29th May 2020

If you have any queries, please contact

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