West Mercia Police are receiving a number of calls from concerned residents reporting multiple calls from persons purporting to be from the HMRC.  The general theme is that answerphone messages are left asking the resident to phone a number back immediately or be threatened with legal action.  If the number is phoned, someone tells the resident that they have defaulted on their tax and asks them to pay a (large) sum of money, threatening the resident that they will have their possessions removed and face arrest.  The conversations are a more in depth than my wording and can be very convincing, enough to cause alarm and concern.

Please be advised this is another scam along the HMRC theme.  The perpetrators continually tweak the theme, enough to scare and frighten some people.  If you receive such phone calls delete the message, do not phone the number given; if you answer such a call hang up, do not divulge personal information.  Please be vigilant to this, keep an eye on anyone who may perhaps be convinced by this as the callers persist by leaving multiple messages.

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