Unfortunately, as a result of the publicity around BPS and other payments, farmers who receive these payments may be targeted by fraudsters.  Please be fully aware that these payments can make you an easy target for criminals trying to obtain money by deception.

Fraudsters can send emails to try and obtain passwords for bank accounts or even try and trick you into making payments into different bank accounts.

As always, please be on your guard, but at this time of the year please be extra vigilant to any suspicious emails or phone calls.


  • Your bank, police, HMRC or the RPA will never ask you to reveal your online password, PIN or bank account details or ask you to make a payment over the telephone.
  • Never discuss your bank account details with someone you don’t know, or open unknown or unexpected website links or emails. If in doubt, call the organisation back, ideally on a different telephone, using a number you are familiar with or you know to be official. You can usually find this on the organisation’s website, correspondence or statement.
  • Look out for emails from suppliers asking for funds to be transferred to a different bank account, emails claiming that there is a problem with an account etc.
  • If you feel you’ve been the subject of fraud, contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 without delay for advice and to register your concern.
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