“Fit for the Future” group for under 40s

Are you under 40 and taking on a family business or starting your own enterprise?

We want to make sure you and your business are fit for the future.



The Fit for the Future group brings together like minded people for a series of workshops and farm walks to learn from other farmers and consultants about how others have:

– Adopted new approaches

– Diversified income streams

– Utilised funding schemes and

– Grown their skill set to suit their business.

In addition to the group workshops each member can access free 1:1 business advice from Andersons which could include:

– Joint Ventures or Tenancies

– Analysis of Capital Investment & Future Funding

– Forward Budgeting & Cashflow Management

– Diversification & Feasibility Studies

The group meets at least six times a year for interactive workshops, training and farm walks. 

This programme is funded by Ricardo as part of DEFRA’s Future Farming Resilience Fund.  

If you’d like to join the group please contact  sarah@herefordshireruralhub.co.uk 

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